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The detail in respect of Fees is correct as at 2017. In most cases the cost of notarising one relatively routine document can be expected to be £100.00. This is provided the distance travelled is no more than 25 miles and there is free parking at or nearby where the appointment is to take place. There is normally a further charge of £25.00 for each additional document. No VAT is payable.

If the appointment is in Manchester or a Town where a payment has to be made for parking and not an inconsiderable time has to be spent walking to the appointment, the charge will be increased by an appropriate amount. If the distance travelled is over 25 miles the charge may be increased by an appropriate amount. Manchester City Centre to the North and Stoke to the South is within the 25 mile radius. Occasionally, what may be required is the drafting of a document. This will be charged on a time basis. Normally, before proceeding to attend upon the appointment, the cost in respect of the drafting and attending the appointment will be notified.