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Speak to Mr. Houlker on the telephone at 01477 571256. This is to provide your name, telephone number and address (your Email address will be provided under the second step). Also, for the purpose of you giving details of the nature of the document to be notarised. If the telephone is not answered please leave an answerphone message and repeat your telephone number slowly and clearly to ensure Mr. Houlker will be able to return your call.


Email the document or documents to be notarised to which is the Email address exclusively utilised by Mr. Houlker for the notarising of documents. This is so Mr. Houlker can check the document is in final form and suitable to be notarised. In the unlikely event your Email is not received Mr. Houlker will notify you by telephone and contact you when it is received.

Mr. Houlker must comply with money laundering legislation and so there must also be Emailed, for the purpose of identifying you, a copy of either your passport or photocard driving licence. Also as evidence of your current address, a copy of either a Bank statement or Utility bill, in both cases no more than six months old.


Mr. Houlker confirms (assuming such is the case) that the document or documents are in final form and can be notarised. If a document is not in final form and so unsuitable to be notarised Mr. Houlker may be able to indicate what is required. However, it is emphasised that general advice cannot be given as to the suitability and effectiveness of a document to be notarised. This is because Mr. Houlker is not a qualified legal practitioner in the jurisdiction where the document is to be sent.


Once the document is in final form an appointment for Mr. Houlker to attend is arranged. The original of the copy document provided to identify you and the original of the copy document provided as evidence of your current address must be provided at the appointment.