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notary public roger houlker

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01477 571 256

Contact Me

Please telephone me in the first instance to obtain a quotation or for any other query you may have. Please also refer to the Guide section which is a Step by Step Guide of what you need to do.

Tel: 01477 571 256


Although appointments can be made for the Notarisation to be carried out at Brookhouse Farm, normally he will travel to the office or home address of the individual who has requested the Notarial Act. If an appointment during normal business hours in the week is problematic it may be possible to arrange an appointment in the evening or at the weekend.

It may be possible to arrange an appointment at the office of an individual who is an employee, during the lunch hour of the individual (provided that causes no difficulty with the employer).


Brookhouse Farm (By the Ford)
Sandy Lane
Congleton CW12 2LN