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Roger Houlker was appointed a Notary Public in 1986. He operates from his home address in rural Cheshire at Brookhouse Farm (By the Ford) Sandy Lane Swettenham Congleton CW12 2LN.

Appointments are usually made for the notarisation to be carried out at Brookhouse Farm but he can travel to the office or home address of the individual who has requested the notarial act. If an appointment during normal business hours is problematic an appointment in the evening or weekend can normally be arranged.

It may be possible to arrange an appointment at the office of an individual who is an employee, during the lunch hour of the individual (provided that causes no difficulty with the employer).

An appointment is arranged following a telephone call. Contact is made first of all by telephone so that the name, address and telephone number of the individual requiring the notarial act is established. Also there is provided relevant detail in respect of the general nature of the Notarial Act required.

It is not appropriate for first contact to be made by Email, because the rural Broadband can occasionally be lacking. Once contact has been made on the telephone the document that needs to be notarised is sent through by Email. This is to enable the document to be checked as being in final form and so it can be notarised. Also, normally, it will enable there to be provided what is the fixed cost of notarising the document or documents. If the telephone is not answered a voice mail message can be left.

It is not appropriate to attend an appointment unless the document has been seen beforehand. This is because it is often the case that the document provided first time round is not in a form that is appropriate to be notarised.

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