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Regulatory Information

Price Information.

My fees are calculated on the basis of the time I believe it will take me. I expect the document(s) I am to notarise, to be Emailed to me.  I can then agree the extent of the work to be undertaken and quote for that work. However, even where what is to be done is very straightforward there is a minimum fee of £75.00. There is no VAT charged on my fee.

Service Information.

The kind of services I provide are set out under the section headed FEES.  A description of the key stages is set out under the section headed GUIDE.  The likely timescales depend upon the extent of the work I am required to undertake and my availability. I will advise you of the timescale when I am made aware of the extent of the work I have to undertake.  I work from an office in the outbuildings at my home and so can arrange an appointment day or evening or weekend.  If the work cannot be undertaken within the required timescale, I can advise you how to contact other Notaries.

Redress Information.

My level of Professional Indemnity Cover is up to One million pounds.

Complaint Information.

As to how to make a complaint please go to this page.                   

Regulatory Information.

I am regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.